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THE BASICS: A zombie with next to no memory who he was, only that his name started with an R. Over time he begins to recover his humanity. A man of few words but he makes up for it with good intentions and a romantic streak. A dead love life that's getting better. Wittier in his head than his groans. His eloquence trapped by his state of literal decay. Has some amazing taste in music. Chronic hoarder. The rotting Romeo to his Juliet.

Mostly Warm Bodies movieverse with some filler book canon from The New Hunger/Boarded Window. For additional flavor: the first ten minutes.

THE BOY BEFORE THE CORPSE - Human!R played @ [personal profile] alonelyboy

CONTENT NOTICE - R is a zombie and because of his canon, there may be mentions of violence, corpses, gore and zombies killing/eating humans in his posts. Please PM me if you would like me to tone it down if I'm threading with you.

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isaac marion, julie grigio, m, nora, prose, r, roleplay, rp, the new hunger, warm bodies, warm bodies rp, zombies
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